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What's All This, Then?

Why We Bleep is a monthly podcast created by musician and youtube-video-demohands Mylar Melodies.

In it, we'll meet electronic music makers, and the people who make their equipment. We'll explore their experiences, their processes, and see what can we learn from them. And it also affords a fantastic opportunity to get free tea and coffee, and we can dweeb out about anything else that seems interesting at the time.

It's inspired by an eternal struggle to get better at making music. To better understand the mysterious, unique and amazing people behind the equipment and music that we love. And to better understand where music making might be going.

The podcast is available on iTunes, YouTube, and right here on the site, and takes the form of a conversation recorded in-person, and also captured on camera where possible. Skype/telephone conversations are not allowed. It is not the same thing as meeting face to face.